Say Everything

Grief is a powerful changemaker. It shreds you. It strips you. It breaks wide open whatever part of you is left.

And, in so doing, it reshapes you, the depths of you. It gives you the chance to learn at unprecedented speed. To forgive (mostly yourself) and be forgiven. To expand into the only thing that is real.

To expand with grace and grit and surrender into love.

Grief and all the things that I have learned in these last months–about old beliefs I held so deeply about myself, about love as well as some not so fabulous features of my self at that time–have morphed into extraordinary gifts of presence, acceptance, connection. They have lifted me into a creative, soul-led life full of trusting, faithing, being. And, they have focused my journey to one of my soul’s true Norths. The awesomest honor to serve love, to dare to be as me as can be in order to spread joy, empower, and gift back again and again and again.



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