Yes, We Will. Yes, We Are, Love

I once (or twice) described myself as a hummingbird having just finished a 40 ouncer of Red Bull. My heart and being at that time so on fire with the thrill of life, this life, after so many years of disconnect, fear, doing what I “should” be doing. Unknowingly–with one foot still in distrust of living a soul-led, following my heart life–I tried to squeeze years into days. I pushed instead of paused and worried instead of wondered. At the unfolding, the becoming. I analyzed miracles instead of marveled with peace-filled faith in them.

That Red Bull nourished hummingbird self journeyed me downstream (and upstream). And, now:  Here I Am.

I still feel that fire. The awe and knee-buckling beauty still sing, hum, pulse the truest melody and harmony inside. And, yet, there is no hurry. There is no destination. All there is, all I need is the current, this river of love flowing. Gently, merrily. Flowing. Connecting. Deep within. Between us. This river where we are one love, where we love. Love.

#shazzy #ch13


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