Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us

Designed to delight, inspire, spread kindness, and serve love, Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us is a series of nine rolling artworks, on Eugene, Oregon public buses.

If I have any intention for this series, it’s to uplift, spark, and encourage us all to turn up our own dials on joy, love, giving, and playfulness. To find what ignites each of us and start creating and sharing our gifts as widely as possible.

For this series, I had the honor and pleasure to work with a couple of artists, including an 18-foot installment on which I collaborated with Portland, Maine artist Christopher David Ryan ( Entitled “Love All Ways” this piece celebrates love and diversity and reminds us we’re all in this journey together.

All projects are entirely self funded at this time.

If you’d like any of the pieces you see, please contact me at

Download Your Bingo Card (and email me when you win for a prize!):

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Bingo Card


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