Dare to Dream Big, Love

“Each one of us is extraordinary with wondrous dreams and desires designed to help us fulfill our unique purpose in this lifetime. Each of us has the divine potential to realize a magnificent destiny all our own by following and living our joy. As you dream a bigger dream for yourself, my greatest hope for you is that you continue to find stillness within. This I know for sure, for sure, giving your self that space and quiet will lead you to even more miraculous dreams, more joy. More possibility and a supreme destiny, beyond your greatest imagination. Nothing is too extraordinary to be achieved. If you can dream it and your intentions are pure, you can be it and be of service in sharing it with the world. What a gift for us. What a gift for you. Thank you.”
– Oprah Winfrey

“Within you you have all the tools you need to access your pure potential. To evolve your dreams into reality. To live a life of extraordinary design. … Now is the time for you to take your chance as you reach for the stars. It is your destiny. Right now, imagine something you have always wanted… that one idea you keep tucked away, perhaps in such care, you haven’t even dared to speak it aloud. Yet you hold onto the dream because it resonates so deeply within you. Close your eyes…envision that you are living this dream right now. It is your life. No cutting corners, no holding back. Your deepest dream in motion. What is your life like? How do you feel? As humans, we have the remarkable ability to transform all we imagine into reality. Understand that if a deep desire lives in your heart, a dream that is part of your soul’s fiber, a path exists to bring it to life. Abundance in all its forms is our birthright. We were born to enjoy every aspect of life. To experience every emotion. And, to discover the seeds of potential that live within. As you practice trusting that the Universe is always there to support you, I invite you to continue stepping into your greatest self. To experience everything there is to know. Confident in the knowledge of who you really are: a radiant spirit worthy of everything life has to give. See yourself united with the unlimited potential dwelling within you and everyone and everything that is part of the Universe. From this place of unlimited potential, give yourself permission to dream big. Tap into that vast reservoir of courage that is available of all as you move through and well beyond your comfort zone and into the space of infinite joy, peace, and possibility. As you embrace life with passion seize each wonderful moment and make the most of each adventure. Be bold, rooted in the knowledge you’re as mighty as the Universe itself. Full of love, joy, and power. You are stardust, a bright golden light and all good things of this lifetime are indeed your divine destiny.”
– Deepak Chopra


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