How We Roll

A mantra. A manifesto. An affirmation.

Our love is meant to soar, to ripple out and out and out to make the world that much happier, that much more awesome. A love that is always bigger and far beyond us. A love that is in the flow, creative, nurturing, nourishing, playful, open, pure joy, expansive, inspired, revealing, determined, uplifting, supportive, expressive, fierce, passionate, blessed. One of belonging. One of liberation. The true reciprocity of giving and receiving.

Our love is not meant for the context of fear, of constriction, of being in a box tucked away, of being on guard. It’s not meant for the rules of others, not meant to bend under the judgment of others. And, certainly not break under the judgment of ourselves.

Our love is boundless. It’s timeless. It’s the way we roll. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. Knowing the fullness of life. Knowing with every fiber the strength and courage and worth and complete beauty of all, all of us. Knowing the freedom of letting love flow, flow within and between us. Being in Love. Love, Always.


Color Version

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