Owl Always Follow You, Love

Thank you. To my seven year old guy who wanted to make this piece together. Who–with all the littles–remind us over and over and over again how the more we appreciate life, love ourselves, and rise, rise together in love, the more beautiful and playful and free and infinitely possible life becomes.

Thank you. Thank you, love. A handful of years ago, I fixed up a lil vintage model truck. (The full-size version of which I still daydream of.) With each patch, each dab of glue, each brush stroke, thousands of wishes and dreams and desires emerged, flowed from soul to heart to hands to brush to truck. Thousands of moments of gratitude polishing it. A vehicle made in love, for love, beyond what I even knew, know love. When I put the letters of a dream big on the tailgate, it felt like an invitation and a love note. To relentlessly follow our hearts, our passions, our dreams. To choose love. To know love just as we are. Unconditionally, unequivocally. With radical honesty. And, on the bottom I wrote for the first time in my life, Love, Always. I use it in two places now. One of which is on most every JoyPSA piece. Because it, too, is a love note to myself to you and an invitation for us all to rise together. Our heartlights guiding our way and helping to show others their way. Owl always follow you, love. Owlways.



Color Version

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