In Every Way

There’s one place that has always held the fullness of my stretched out heart. From the time I could first climb onto its counters to right right very now. A place where some of my deepest passions unfold in inspiration, creation, the savory sweet salty and all the tastes in between. The place where I most feel our togetherness in this adventure. The place where I’ve fallen in love, been loved, lost love, and found myself again. Again, again.

After several years of my worst fears coming true and experiencing grief in a way I never could have imagined, this past year decided to go all in. Double down on the biggest things that have stood in the way of me loving and being loved. Experiencing a new way of the heart. And, through each tear, literal heart pain, moment of being done, the warmth and possibility offered in the kitchen held my hand through another day. I’ve made more sauces, more jams, more everything than I ever have. When I haven’t been cooking, I’ve watched sunsets, stars every phase of the Moon Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn comets move through the heavens. And finally, finally I feel the scales have balanced. My dish plated up with grace and generosity and a genius that portends to the most delicious of meals. A test kitchen ready. A test kitchen for old tastes made anew and new tastes savored. Just keep stirring.

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