BeYOUtifully You

Ain’t nuttin’ like ya, love. Thank you for being, being y.o.u.
we go beyond what is known because of our uniqueness and we soar because of our togetherness.
Your greatest purpose is to embrace being your authentic self. The more you shine in your unique truth, the more you embody the exact traits, abilities, and energy you came onto the planet with to serve both your own path and the whole. The more you allow yourself to shine, the more you expand and the more you draw to you the exact circumstances that support you and your purpose. It all starts with simply acknowledging that being authentically you is not only more than enough, it’s the whole point and then letting that true soul essence lead the way.
– Shelley Young
Hey beautiful girl, in your own little world
And me in it
You got all of my attention
And you ain’t even trying
Yeah, you’re my kind of different
And I never seen nothin’
Nothin’ like you
Shades on spinning in a summer rain
Dancing in the rain no music
Just the right kind of crazy, baby
Something about you
Rocking that rock ‘n roll t-shirt
We’re at a party dressed up
But you just doing your thing
Ain’t nobody ever seen nothin’ like you
– Dan + Shay

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