Pump Up the Jam

Love, our love, is the perfect jam. Sweet, salty, savory, spicy and even bitter, even sour give us the range of complements and contrasts. The full palette with which we can experience all the tastes on the tips of our tongues and beyond at this feast called livin’.
And, because I’m a sucker for a double entendre, you can also check out the inaugural JoyPSA mix on Spotify! Most of the songs have been part of pieces or inspired pieces or been a part of this journey. Link in bio and p-p-pump it real good!

Click to Open Playlist
What if we hear each song as a love song to ourselves. Not a song to woo another. Not another love tragedy. But a song of truth. A sweet, dripping truth waiting to be savored. To catch our own attention. To ask who are we becoming. To daringly encourage us to go platinum & become our own playbook, our own favorite song.


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