There Is & It Is…

There is a way and you, you are at the heart of it all. Your heart. My heart. Our hearts. Where it all started, starts, restarts and never ever ends. Free to explore, grow, be all we are. And know, know this is our adventure and destination, where willingness and faith serve as both compass and machete. Thermos full and ready to roll, Love?


I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.

– Robin Williams


Diving in your ocean
You set a body into motion
My heart is beating open…
Heart over mind over matter

Dia Frampton


Our evolution…starts with one. You. Changing how you feel about you. Accepting and loving You. Finding peace, joy and love within You. It is You, shining your light and sharing your gifts. It is You, remembering your importance. You, stepping on to your path. You, healing and moving forward. As You do this, You will inspire others to as well.

– Dee

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