Journey of Love

Step forward into what’s blossoming with trust…allow the beautiful blossoms of your soul to capture your heart.

– Alana Fairchild

Six years ago the most delicate, most pale pink ranunculus (together with life) dared me, invited me to begin a journey.

I witnessed this ranunculus transform from a tight, improbable bud through its slow, steadfast unfolding until its petals became transparent. And then I witnessed it just as gracefully, just as courageously leave life.

Moment by moment, it peacefully, passionately whispered into my heart. How it knew its worthiness and had no need to prove it. How it cared nothing for gain. Nothing for loss and everything, everything about having an experience of its fullest self. Without limitations.

It so entranced, so enthralled me that, perhaps for the first time in my life, I paused. I softened. I listened inwardly.

Through it, I understood a beauty, a grace, a knowing I had felt but never had trusted. Its destiny and a love emerging dared me to unlearn all that I was not. They invited me to relearn (and love) who I truly am. And everything, everything that stood in the way of love started cracking as I opened to this love. Infinite love.

Moment by moment since then, sometimes with ease, sometimes with joy, sometimes with elbows-scraping resistance I’ve allowed myself to open my heart. One petal at a time. Trusting ever more in all, all the known and not yet known that wishes to blossom. All that I dream of experiencing, becoming. All that I am, always. Being and becoming. In balance. In harmony. With faith. With love. Like that most delicate, most pale pink ranunculus.

Ready to blossom big, love?


(full moon and equinox blessings.)


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