Purveyors of Joy

In one of my favorite movies, Amélie, the main character whispers into the screen some of the moments that make her feel most alive. Noticing the small details no one else sees. Looking back at people’s faces in a dark movie theater. Dipping her hands in bags at the market. She “cultivates a taste for the small pleasures.”

My deepest joys all have sprouted from the little things, the moments in life. Awakened in an aliveness that stirs passion in something far bigger. Something eternal that can only be experienced through our bodies. Our bodies that create, witness and curate magic. Wonder. Awe. Beauty. So much more. In whatever ways those are for each of us.

Six weeks ago, I fell in love with my body. Not my body through the eyes of another, but, for the first time in my life, I fell in love with my body from deep inside out. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel separate from or distrustful of my body in some way. Instead, I have felt downright giddy to nourish and be, be this once in a lifetime body. To honor it just as it is. To honor and be with all our bodies. Experiencing the magnificence of life in the infinite, infinite ways it beckons to be known. We get to be bodies together. Ready to revel, love?


Our bodies curate magic. This is your friendly reminder that your body, exactly as it is in this very moment, is completely worthy of love and care because it houses something incredibly precious: you. 🌟🙏💕iamthatgirl


You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Mary Oliver


Full moon. Taurus season.

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