Love Finds a Way

I’ve been working on a story lately. When I started it, I imagined it as a children’s book. A sweet, gentle love story of sorts (isn’t everything though) with short sentences, simple on the surface words and a million wishes of possibility tucked inside each one. While the two main characters are the same, the story that’s emerging, the story that wants to be told is far different.

And, I’ve resisted it every step of the way until I made this JoyPSA piece. I’ve tried to bargain with and cajole the story to make it lighthearted. Fun. I’ve tried to push against it, only to sit there wordless wondering why the words aren’t coming.

What I learned once again (hopefully into a solid knowing) through this JoyPSA piece is love finds a way. It might not be exactly what we imagined. It might not be the most comfortable. It might burn us to our cores until we know this. That love is always holding our hands to take us into more love. Into more truth. Into more, more of who we are and what each of us can uniquely express and share.

The story that wants to be told is a far deeper love story. A story within a story. A never-ending love story. Where love is leading the way and I’m in it to see how the story unfolds.
In total faith, love tenderly guides every lover to the garden of the heart. Reason says, the world is limited in six directions, there is no way out. Love says, there is a way, and I have traveled it many times. – rumi

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