Come to Life

Almost four years ago, one of my most favorite people in any lifetime took me to our local airport to catch a flight. It was in the wee hours of morning and, in what seemed like a few minutes, the sky went from tender, gentle dreaming to this flaming call of awakening. As we said goodbye and I got out of the car, she handed me a gift and said, “I think you’re going to need this.”

I opened the gift. It was a necklace that has a hand-carved character representing courage on it. I looked at her curiously and wondered what she knew that I didn’t know. I looked up at the pulsating sky with its phoenix-like sun and wondered what it knew that I didn’t know.

In retrospect, it seems like one of those moments in a movie where the audience is braced in their seats seeing what lies ahead for the protagonist. Meanwhile, the protagonist cluelessly whistles and walks down the street, waving hi to all the people who are trying to get her attention.

Yet, we each have our journeys and our souls have their own timing. And, this, this has been mine.

Almost four years later of more cocooning metamorphosing butterflying (even if for a moment) and repeating repeating repeating more than I can count, I feel like I’m coming to life (and letting life to come me). Trusting life’s genius and generosity and love. And wanting to take flight like never, ever before.

Got necklace, ready to soar, Love.

Photo from that morning trip to the airport almost four years ago
Hand – my first for realz hand drawing evs


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