Grow a Pair

We all have them. The wings. The bridge between our divinity and our humanity. The ability to take flight, soar in all, all the ways we’re meant to. It’s our birthright, our destiny, our pure joy. Got ’em. Let’s use ’em, love.

Interested in pre-ordering a Grow a Pair sweatshirt or t-shirt?

Yes! Contact Us

Available in unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

T-shirts in gray: $25 (includes shipping within the US)

Hoodies in heathered gray or black: $55 (includes shipping within the US)

Grow a Pair Hoodie: $55


Actual hoodie style and color (in gray):


Grow a Pair T-shirt: $25


Actual t-shirt color swatch:


All proceeds go toward funding the work we’re doing to put art pieces up on buses and to offer workshops and art supplies to kids.


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