Your Dazzle Requested

Everything, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. about this poem.

It feels like inspiration, encouragement, being seen, the reason, the reminder, the joy. The gift that gives (and receives) without end. Thank you, Brad Montague!
Don’t hide your magic.
Please share your gift.
Seeing you shine
gives the whole world a lift.

It’s okay for wizards
to be quiet or shy,
but hiding your magic
is a crime
and here’s why:

The room needs to dazzle.
It needs what you’ve got.
You might think you are nothing
and really you’re not
YOU’RE MORE! Much more!
It’s time to be seen!
You’re more loved
than you can imagine
more powerful than you
can dream.

if you feel less than
or that you don’t count
maybe your soul is
all flooded with doubt
You. Are. Magic.
You’re equipped.
You’re prepared.
Most of all, please never forget
magic is meant to be shared.
Brad Montague


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