Rise ‘n Shine, Love

I feel like I might be one of the last people on the internet to have seen this “internet proverb”. When I read it on a friend’s instagram feed, all the parts of me tossed off their figurative blankets and jumped up with arms wide open saying, YES!

And, then, then I drew a card from one of Alana Fairchild’s decks. All her decks are beautiful, magical, all heart works. Yet, this card in particular, bathed all those newly YES! saying parts of me in the perfect soul salve.

“I love you enough to meet the parts of you that have been hidden away in fear, shame, guilt or anger. I am not afraid of you. I am sorry for any time I have pulled back from you in fear. I am here with you now and I love you completely. I want you to feel whole and loved. You deserve to feel whole and loved. Will you let me love you in this way…”

– Alana Fairchild

Lifetimes of healing in those seven sentences. So, I created this. And, whispered, roared, delighted in, wove deeply this commitment into each square inch of it:

Dear Love, I am here, h.e.r.e. now. And, honey, I am all in. Let’s love; let’s shine, shine, love. Rise ‘n shine, darlin. This, this is our time.

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