Let’s Get It Started

The dreams you seed have a funny way of sprouting up into being. I have been a sharer, doodler, and card-carrying fan of the channel of joy since I was a single digit. So, maybe this has been in the stars all along.

But, I like to think it is all the love, encouragement, and inspiration that have lit up my whole being with shooting stars and sparkles that have led to this moment.

Loved, inspired, and encouraged, I started making cards “formally” in 2015. While I gifted more than I sold, I received far more than I ever could have imagined: people’s stories and time, a community of makers, the best kinds of belly laughter. Sparks of connection that felt like lightning bolts igniting my soul. By expanding the gift of that heart and soul endeavor, I likewise am seeking with these “not so edgy street art public service announcements” to connect, inspire, stir, affect, delight. Ping out the good feelz.

To ping out the love as broadly as possible, I’ve made PDFs of each piece posted on the site. Where possible, I’ve included both a color and a black & white version, which you can spruce up however you’d like. Please feel free to print and post ’em to spread the joy.

(If you’re planning on doing anything commercial with them, kindly contact me first.)

While I sure hope you enjoy the moments created, moments captured–the pause sprinkled with wonder and joy–I equally hope you’ll live your you!, create, and share your own #joypsa. It’s darn good for us all.

From the bottom of my stretched out heart, thank ya and joy on!